What's Inside:

  • 14 Chocolate Recipes

    14 Chocolate Recipes

    Brownies, cake, cookies and more recipes that will make any chocolate lover's dreams come true.

  • Buttercream Breakdown

    Buttercream Breakdown

    Comparing the different types of buttercream, plus TONS of my secret tips for perfect buttercream!

  • The Chemistry of Cocoa Powder

    The Chemistry of Cocoa Powder

    Everything you didn't know about cocoa powder! Answering all your cocoa powder questions... including what the differences are between Natural vs. Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder.

  • The Great Brownie Showdown

    The Great Brownie Showdown

    Have you ever wondered what makes a chewy brownie "chewy" and a fudgy brownie "fudgy"? I'm sharing all in this delicious brownie article.

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